Student Research

Currently I am working on developing HTML5 apps for visualizing physics. If you are good at independent study on your own, read on. There are some workshops that you can access online. See if you like working through these.


1. Prof. Daniel V. Schroeder
Department of Physics
Weber State University
Ogden, Utah

American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT)
Workshop given in 2014 and 2015


2. Professor Wolfgang Bauer
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Michigan State University

AAPT meeting, New Orleans, LA, January 2016


3. Professor Duffy
Department of Physics
Boston University


RESEARCH If you like HTML5 Programming and want to jump into a research project, try producing an HTML5 program for one of the non-HTML5 apps at Phet and discuss with me. Note that the folks at Phet are converting their old apps to HTML5.