Color Apps by Frances Ruiz and Michael J. Ruiz

Department of Physics, UNC Asheville

All apps and videos are free for non-commercial educational use.

Recommended credit line: Courtesy Frances Ruiz and Michael J. Ruiz

1. Download Zipped Source Code for all the apps. Be sure to
unzip to run these. Keep the directory structure and location
of the style.css file as is. Note that the two apps with the
flowers need to run from a web server.

You can Right Click and "Save link as."

Download Source

2. Download Videos (Right Click and "Save link as").

Download beams-filters.mp4

Download primary-amounts.mp4

Download flowers-add.mp4

Download flowers-sub.mp4

Download RGB-03-bit.mp4

Download RGB-06-bit.mp4

Download RGB-24-bit.mp4

Download hex.mp4

Download X11.mp4