Awarded $20,000. Principal Investigator for "MLA 560 Light and Its Interdisciplinary Connections," from General Administration, University of North Carolina, to develop a distance-learning graduate course for K-12 teachers, Summer 2001.

Awarded $20,500. Cisco Learning Institute (CLI). To develop "Waves, Light, and Sound," an e-learning multimedia exemplar for K-12 teachers. Project work with Helen Parke at CLI, on leave from the Department of Education, East Carolina University, Summer 2001.

Awarded $8,000. One of 15 participants in the University of North Carolina General Administration (GA)/Cisco Learning Partnership Grant, to develop web-based materials with the Cisco Delivery System, May 15 - June 21, 2000. Project Directors: Helen Parke (ECU) and Chuck Bennett (UNCA); UNC/GA Coordinator: Mike O'Kane.

Awarded $31,860. Principal Investigator for "Interactive Hypertext Physics for the General Student," National Science Foundation ($15,930 from NSF, $15,930 UNCA), 1991-1993.

Awarded $1,200. Invited as one of four scholars chosen nationally to be on the Distinguished Scholar Lecture Series (Humanities and Science Fall 1993): "Physics Art and Music," Broward Community College, North Campus (1:30 pm), Central Campus (7:30 pm), Fort Lauderdale, FL, October 18, 1993.

Awarded $3,000. IMB Travel Grant to be an invited speaker at the national IBM Academic Computing Conference in Florida to present original software (Miami Beach, June 19-21, 1990). The IBM Grant included travel to the conference and a workshop prior to the meeting to receive pre-released versions of Windows 3.0 and the Asymetrix's authoring system ToolBook.